The Perfect Misfits

A coffee table book that delivered 12% growth in admission of students in a design school.

To the round pegs in the square holes.
Appearances are often deceiving. You may see an aimless person around you. Dig a bit deeper and you may meet someone whose inner world is more profound and dynamic. There could be a multitude of shades that separate this person’s reality and our perception of it. However, most of us rarely appreciate the 126 shades of grey that a human eye can distinguish. We overlook the richness of these shades, discredit it and, sometimes, even disown it, because it does not qualify either as black or white.
The purpose of this book is to delve into the greys. It is aimed to highlight the shades that make creative minds colorfuland unique, and to underscore those traits that help them achieve outstanding careers.
- Concept
- Branding
- Graphic and Visual Design
- Art Direction
- Editorial Design
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