Currency for India. 
Today India is a progressive nation and the reason behind it is because of her people, the citizens and their actions. People of India are stepping out of their known territories and striving hard towards the growth and development of the nation. 
To emphasize on these points, I developed a system of symbols that present the community that is coming together, the actions they take and the continuous progression the nation goes through
The design of the coins reflects the energy and momentum that leads to a progressive and hard-working nation.
The Community that comes together
The community stepping out of their comfort zone and taking an action towards a progressive nation
The constant change towards progression
Each of these coins is either a different dimension, size, form or weight. This makes it easy to recognize the coins in the dark and improves functionality for the blind.
The 50 Paise coin
The One Rupee coin
The Two Rupee coin
The Five Rupee coin
The Ten Rupee coin
The following is the system book that explains the history research, analysis and design for each coin

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