This is a concept for Delta Airways and a design for socially responsible work on a business landscape.
Delta's core business idea is to connect people all around the world, and bring the world closer. 
How can Delta contribute towards connecting the people of the First-world countries to those of the third world countries? Through Fair Trade.
Delta can have a monthly publications to read on the flight which features fair trade brands, the farmers and the artisans, their work, their stories and how fair trade helps them.

This is a concept for the website powered by Delta airways. It's all fair trade brands under one roof-
One can log on this website, and get all information on fair trade brands, shop through this website and make a conscious buying choice.
This is a concept for the mobile app, again powered by Delta airways.
One can make conscious buying choice while at a store, know which brands are fair trade and sold in which stores. A simple and easy way to make quick buying decisions that helps someone in the third world nations.
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