Ergomotion Inc.

Creative Brand Development and Brand Overhaul.

Where Holistic Wellness Meets Smart Tech.
Guiding the Creative Brand Development and Brand Overhaul from an Innovation, Activation, Social/PR and Digital/Web perspective for a $300M Ergomotion & wellness brand, Ergomotion Inc. The brief was to develop a consistent, differentiated Ergomotion Corporate Narrative and Brand Essence/DNA aligned to the company heritage, core competencies, mission and values.
- Research & Analysis
- Strategy & Positioning
- Creative & Art Direction
- Product Identity
- Experiential Design (Retail/Trade Show)
- User Experience
- Web Design
- Photography & Video Production
Brand Positioning.
On being tasked with this project, I wanted to look at the current state of the Business, Competitive landscape, & Marketplace, along with the H/o Marketing to develop an ownable, differentiated proposition which drives incremental growth within existing channels & explores alternate distribution channels. 
Competitive Landscape
We looked at the competitive landscape only to find the Ergomotion brand playing a larger role than just selling adjustable bed bases. It is integral to being healthy that looks at the whole person, focuses on balancing the body, mind and soul, and considers how s/he interacts with her/his environment, i.e., Holistic Wellness
We took a big picture view of the R&D and Product Innovation of the company to realize that it was straddling a fine line between Smart Technology, where most of the competitors are playing, and Artificial Intelligence, a booming invasion in the tech industry (next gen).
Identifying Market Opportunities and Finding our Target Audience.
The syndicated data from the Wellness Industry showed clear need gaps, within the bedding/furniture space, for 4 market trends that helped Ergomotion define unique Market Opportunities and create a NEW! Product Category– beyond adjustable bases.
Early on, we did lots of research, store visits, marketing surveys, and interviews to figure out who Ergomotion's customer is and how we should go about speaking to them. Aligning this with the Market Opportunities helped define the needs, desires, frustration and purchasing habits of existing customer and new potential customers. 
These efforts helped developing new innovative products concepts, challenged the Product team to design exciting new products and also drove the development of new Brand Narrative, Creative direction, Merchandising, Distribution Channels, Marketing, Messaging, Social Media, PR and Advertising efforts.
Brand Narrative.
With this new strategy and redesign, Ergomotion wanted to bring more focus and attention to the inherent strengths of the brand to create a differentiated Brand DNA that took in to account Heritage, Wellness, Technology, Product Design and Innovation and Materials.
We looked at Holistic Health as an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness or specific body parts, this ancient approach considers the whole person & focuses on preventative, self care. It is making conscious, sustainable, healthy changes in your life, based on your personal goals & lifestyle…investing in your whole well beingThe core foundational pillars to Holistic Wellness are Sleep, Nutrition & Fitness.
Modern day Holistic living is characterized by physical, mental, emotional, social & spiritual well being. 
Brand Creative Essence– 'Back to our Roots.'
The Creative Direction cues to embracing our purest self, our mother earth. The structured forms define technology but bring in the emotive quality with soft wood tones and organic patterns. The concept celebrates the warmth of tactile textures and materials paired with an earthy soft palette.

Exploratory Moodboard

The Visual Language is inspired by the five elements– fire, earth, ether, water and metal. Cueing to earthy tones and tertiary but analogous palette, the whole color scheme is funneled to relate to wellness, and the visual direction of nature, mother earth, tactility and organic elements.
Defining closely to the overarching Holistic Wellness concept and working in tandem with the color palette, the preferred materials for buildups include, but are not limited to, warm wood, soft and pleasant granite stone, blended marble, soft-hued metals, genuine leathers, natural and organic fabrics, sun-kissed concrete, clay and ceramics, mixed in with sensorial elements of nature– calming water, soothing scents, driftwood and local botanics. The materials ideally represent the nuances of the local region, cue to tradition, but be on trend and contemporary representations of the overarching concept.
Color Story
Color Story
Material Story
Material Story
Color Story
Material Story
Visual Story-telling and Art Direction.
We put a lot of emphasis on photography and capturing great video content. The aim was to authentically portray well-being in stylized sanctuaries. We wanted to capture the seamless fluidity of the macrocosms of natural environments and man-made entities. The style of photography is to capture the isolated, casual and perfectly imperfect moments of wellness, that help balance the mind, body and soul through relaxation, meditation, movement, joy or mindfulness.
The product identities aimed to highlight the innovation pairing wellness and technology. I wanted to create a bold ownable type, that would offer a robust rang of variation, that can scale up and down intuitively, without losing legibility or authenticity.
The challenge was to create two distinct identities that defined the 2 product categories offered, Wellness Retreats (a value-added premium furniture proposition) and Wellness Foundations (a value-priced bedding proposition), but still visually interpret to stem from the same family of products.
Photography: Sam Frost
Videography: Joseph Mitchel
Styling: Gena Sigala
Hair & Makeup: Bethany Garita
Wardrobe: Marcellas Reynolds
Brand Style Guide.
I spearheaded the development of a consistent global Style Guide which included the look, feel, tone and voice of the Ergomotion brand. This guide serves as a global blueprint for all assets across all regions, media platforms & distribution channels and it serves as a guide for 360° Activation plans (i.e., showrooms, business building programs, promos, training, PR/social, digital/web).
User Experience and Website Re-Design.
With a Brand Relaunch effort, came the re-design of the Ergomotion Website. My role was to audit the existing website, plan and create new user flows and wireframes for all pages. 
I worked with an agency to develop, build and re-imagine the whole website experience and design.​​​​​​​
Agency: C/C/G 
Brand Experiential Design (Retail/Showroom)
The Brand Essence and Creative direction empowered the creation of a disruptive, differentiated, impactful, experiential brand destination site showcasing cutting-edge conceptual innovation, artistry & business building capabilities. The space displayed moments of wellness within the space through Wellness Stations, a Meditation room, a Sleep Experience Center, a working Wellness Kitchen, several Meeting areas and Conference rooms, along with showcasing the product through biophilic design and inspirational decor.
The space also hosted several creative events contoured to Wellness and balance of the mind body and spirit, which in turn helped to educate customers and keep them engaged and informed.
Architect: DWA Architecture
Styling: Gena Sigala
Marketing and Sales Collateral.
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