Fusioniction- Branding & Identity Design
BrandingGraphic Design
The Author Clothing Co. (Concept 1)
The Author Clothing Co. (Concept 2)
BrandingGraphic Design
Draamz Whisky Bar & Lounge
The Perfect Misfits- Coffee Table Book
Editorial DesignGraphic Design
Nilon's Pasta
Graphic DesignPackaging
Nilon's Olive Oil Pickle
Graphic Design
K-Pra foods
BrandingGraphic DesignPackaging
Tessel Innovation
BrandingGraphic DesignPackaging
Msafara- Apparel Design and Look Book
FashionFashion StylingPattern Design
Msafara- Branding and Identity
BrandingFashionGraphic Design
Ozeki Sake- Packaging + Form
Graphic DesignPackagingTypography
His Dark Materials-Book Cover Design
Editorial DesignGraphic DesignTypography
Western Lagoons Houseboats-Branding and Identity Design
BrandingGraphic DesignPackaging
Fair Trader, Delta- Concept and Strategy
BrandingGraphic DesignWeb Design
Kiwi Shoe Polish-Packaging System Design
Mr. McGregor's-Identity Design
BrandingGraphic DesignIllustration
Rupees-Currency System Design
Graphic Design
Bernice Bobs her Hair-Publications/Book Design
Graphic DesignTypography
Stop Being Your Own Enemy
Graphic Design
S'more Packaging for IOPP 48 hour challenge
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